Club Championship

1David PinchA13102140.5
2Mark PaffardA1072133
3John MillerB960333
4Martin C JonesA962125.5
5Gwyn EvansC920722
6Ray GreenwoodC720518
7Jimmy ColquhounC10001017
8Jonathan JonesB411212
9Richard JonesB320110
10Keith BriggsC40048
11Scott HammettA31027

03-MarMark v Martin1-041
03-MarJohn v Keith1-042
03-MarGwyn v David0-112
11-FebGwyn v Martin0-112
11-FebMark v John1-042
11-FebJimmy v David0-112
04-FebGwyn v Mark0-123
04-FebDavid v John1-042
24-JanMark v David1-041
26-NovGwyn v Jimmy1-052
26-NovKeith v David0-123
19-NovRichard v Keith1-042
19-NovRay v Jimmy1-041
12-NovJonathan v Jimmy1-042
12-NovKeith v Martin0-123
12-NovRay v David0-112
05-NovGwyn v Ray1-052
05-NovDavid v MarkDraw2.52.5
29-OctMark v Jimmy1-021
29-OctMartin v Gwyn1-032
29-OctJonathan v DavidDraw43
22-OctScott v John0-126
22-OctJimmy v Ray0-125
22-OctMartin v MarkDraw3.53.5
22-OctDavid v Richard1-042
15-OctGwyn v Richard0-124
15-OctJohn v Ray1-042
08-OctMark v David0-125
01-OctMartin v David0-125
01-OctJimmy v Mark0-123
24-SepJohn v Gwyn1-042
17-SepGwyn v David0-123
17-SepMartin v Jonathan1-042
17-SepJohn v Jimmy1-042
17-SepRay v Scott0-123
10-SepJonathan v John0-125
10-SepJimmy v Martin0-123
10-SepDavid v Ray1-032
03-SepJohn v Martin0-124
03-SepMark v Scott1-052
03-SepJimmy v David0-123
1. All games shall be played under Dyfed League Rules, that is:
a. Time control 60 minutes plus 25 second increment.
b. All moves to be recorded.
2. Games will NOT be counted towards the players’ ratings.
3. Games do not need to be prearranged, they can be played on an ad-hoc basis.
4. Players who have already played each other may do so again, any number of times.
5. A player does NOT need to play every other participant.
6. Colours for each game are decided either by agreement between the players or by a random method.
7. For each game completed both players receive points according to the scoring system below.
8. At the end of the season (the date of the AGM) the player who has accumulated the most points is declared the winner.
9. If more than one player has the same number of points then the winner is the player who has played the most games. If this does not split the players then they are declared joint winners.
10. On completion of a game the result shall be reported to the competition controller.

Scoring System
• To encourage players to participate both players receive one point.
• To encourage players to play different players then both players receive an additional point the first time that they play each other.
• To encourage players to play stronger players, competitors are banded according to their D1 rating at the time of the game.
Class A –1600 and above | Class B –1599-1400 | Class C –under 1400

The following tables define the points awarded according to the result.
If you WIN:


if you DRAW: