Cardigan B v Steynton A 1-3


This was a good win for us. David beat Tony Haigh for the 3rd time in a row. Martin lost to the up and coming Ben Brewer, Mark beat Josh Brewer and Scott won against Awne. Our wins were all decided by our opponents missing tactics.

U1850 League - Steynton v Cardiff Tigers 2-2


Another solid draw. David won, Mark and Scott drew, and Martin was unlucky to lose an exciting game against a very good opponent.
Next fixture is Saturday, 21st March, at Merthyr Tydfil again.

Aberystwyth v Steynton A 2-2


This as a good result for us.
David was hammered by Rudy, Mark drew with Julie, Scott drew with Matthew.
Martin had to miss the match so John deputised, and was rewarded with a fine win over Tom Gunn.

Steynton B v Cardigan A 0-4


Cardigan came with their top players, and we were short of a player so we had to default bottom board. Mark made an early blunder against Howard, so advanced to inevitable by resigning. John put up a good fight against Iolo, but Iolo's endgame technique always wins. Gwyn might have drawn against Tony but exchanged rooks to enter a lost K+P ending.

Under 1850 League - Capital Panthers v Steynton 2- 2


This was the first round of the new 5-round tournament, played on Sundays, one match per month. Our team was David, Martin, Mark and Scott. All games ended up as draws. Martin had the best chance of winning but his young, highly-rated opponent played flawlessly to hold the draw.
Next fixture is Sunday, 23rd Febrauary, at Merthyr Tydfil.

Steynton A v U C Aberystwyth 1 - 3


University College, Aberystwyth is the A teams nemesis. We have never beaten them.
After Martin had a brilliant win against Jan Petrowski, the rest of the team - David, Mark and Scott, all went down after a hard fight.
Next A team fixture is Monday, 9th March, away to Cardigan B.

Steynton B v Carmarthen 3.5 - 0.5


A good performance from the whole team, with wins for Scott, John and Jonathan, with Mark rescuing a draw against Ben Brewer.
B Team next fixture is Monday, 10th February, away to Aberystwyth, at Tanygroes.

Christmas Break


Chess Club has now shut down for the Christmas and New Year holidays.
We resume on Tuesday, January 7th.
Steynton B have a League match against Cardigan B on that night.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our members.

Steynton A v Steynton B 3.5 - 0.5


In a close fought match the A team came out on top.
David beat Colin in a close game that went to a King and Pawn ending.
John had a catastrophe against Martin, with a quick resignation.
Jonathan bashed up Mark, but he withstood the pressure to escape with a draw.
Gwyn managed to find a loss from a very good position against Scott.
Next A team fixture : away (Tanygroes) vs Aberystwyth, Monday 9th December.
Next B team fixture :home (Kensington Court) vs Cardigan B, Tuesday 7th January.

Steynton B v U.C. Aberystwyth 3.5 - 0.5


This was a brilliant win for our side.
Mark drew, Scott, John and Jonathan all won.
There was some exciting attacking play by both Scott and Jonathan.
Next B Team fixture: Tuesday 3rd December, away to Steynton A - the Derby!

Dyfed Closed Congress


This was played on the weekend 23rd-24th November 2019.
Scott, David and Ray represented our club.
Scott finished with 3 points, David 2.5 and Ray 0.5.

Steynton A v Cardigan B 3.5 - 0.5


We are off the bottom of the table at last.
Good wins by Martin, Mark and Scott. David squandered an advantageous position in the ending.
Next match: Tuesday 3rd December, home (Kensington Court) vs Steynton B.

Cardigan A v Steynton B 3.5 - 0.5


Cardigan had their top team out, but all of our players made them work for it.
Well done Mark, Colin, Scott (who drew against Tony Haigh), and Gwyn.
Next B team match is
Monday 25th November, home (Tanygroes) vs Aberystwyth University.

Welsh Chess Under 1850 League


There are sufficient teams entered to make this tournament viable, although we do not yet know who the other teams are. Steynton has entered a team. David is captain. Team selection is as for the A team; in current D1 rating sequence and depending on player availability. The fixture dates, all Sundays in 2020, are:
26 Jan (Neath)
23 Feb (Merthyr)
08 Mar (Merthyr)
19 Apr (Neath)
03 May (Merthyr)

Steynton B v Aberystwyth 1.5 - 2.5


A good result against the second strongest team in the League.
Jonathan had a good 14 move win, and Scott had a good draw with a strong player.
John put up a good fight. I have not seen Mark's game yet!

Plaque for Captain Evans, of Gambit fame


Martin, John and Scott attended a ceremony at Wolfscastle to unveil a plaque commemorating Captain Evans, who invented the Evans Gambit. Martin has posted a photo on the Chess In Wales Facebook page. So, come on Scott, how about the Hammett Gambit?

Welsh Chess Under 1850 League


Martin made the suggestion that the above team tournament should be started. The idea has been adopted by the Welsh Chess Union and the tournament will start in the New Year. Matches are played on Sunday afternoons, against clubs in the South Wales region, four in a team. Steynton will enter a team. For more information go to the Chess in Wales Facebook site. The link is in our Links section.

Newport Congress, 15-17 November


David won the Major (they call it the Premier) with 3 wins, 2 draws, 4 points.
Martin shared second with 2 wins, 3 draws, 3.5 points.
The highlight being Martin v David; David stole a draw after being lost by move 10.
Scott had a tough time in the Major. Colin played in the Open, and Margaret played in the Minor.

West Wales Congress - Swansea, 11th-13th October


David won the Major, with 3 wins, 2 draws, 4 points
Martin went unbeaten in the Major, with 1 win, 4 draws, 3 points

U C Aberystwyth v Steynton A 2.5-1.5


David drew, Martin and Mark lost, Scott won
Next A team fixture - Tuesday 19th November - Cardigan B home.

Carmarthen v Steynton A 2-2


David and Martin drew, Mark lost, Scott won.
Next A team fixture - Monday, 14th October - UC Aberystwyth away.

Carmarthen v Steynton B 0-4


Well done Mark, Colin, Scott and Jonathan.
Next B team fixture - Monday 28th October - Aberystwyth home

WCU Year Books


Iolo gave David a number of these. If you don't already have one, and would like one, then please ask.

Steynton A v Cardigan A 0-4


Next A team fixture - Monday 7th October - Carmarthen away.

Next Fixtures


Tuesday, 24 Sep - Steynton A v Cardigan A @ Steynton
Monday, 30 Sep - Carmarthen v Steynton B @ Carmarthen

New Season starts


Steynton Chess Club starts the new season on Tuesday, 3rd September 2019, 7 pm.